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Personal Solutions

Tailored insurance strategies designed to fit your unique needs, ensuring comprehensive coverage and peace of mind.


Personal Insurance

At Broad Street Insurance, we understand the importance of safeguarding your most valuable assets – your home, your vehicle, and, most importantly, your loved ones.

Our comprehensive range of personal insurance solutions offers tailored coverage options designed to fit your unique needs, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve in every aspect of your life.



Protect your vehicle and yourself on the road with our comprehensive auto insurance coverage.


Safeguard your home and belongings with our comprehensive homeowners insurance policies.


Get specialized insurance coverage tailored to the unique needs of condo and co-op owners.


Ensure your belongings are protected with affordable renters insurance coverage.


Enjoy added peace of mind with extra liability protection beyond your standard policies.

Personal Articles

Protect your valuable possessions with specialized insurance coverage.


Protect your home and belongings from flood damage with our comprehensive insurance coverage.


Ride with confidence knowing your motorcycle is protected with comprehensive insurance coverage.


Set sail with confidence knowing your watercraft is protected with comprehensive insurance coverage.


Protect your recreational vehicles with comprehensive insurance coverage tailored to your lifestyle.>

Special Event

Enjoy peace of mind for your special occasions with insurance coverage for events.


Ensure your furry family members receive the care they need with comprehensive pet insurance coverage.

Life Insurance

Whole Life

Whole life insurance provides lifelong coverage with a cash value component.

10 Pay Whole Insurance

10 pay whole insurance allows you to pay premiums for a limited period while enjoying lifelong coverage.

Whole Life Guaranteed

Whole life guaranteed offers a guaranteed death benefit and cash value accumulation.

Term Insurance

Term insurance provides coverage for a specific period, typically with lower premiums compared to whole life insurance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Policy Coverage and Claims

What types of incidents are typically covered by auto insurance?
Auto insurance typically covers incidents such as car accidents, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, and liability for bodily injury or property damage caused by the insured driver.
How do I file a claim for damage to my home covered by homeowners insurance?
To file a claim for damage to your home covered by homeowners insurance, you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible. They will guide you through the claims process, which usually involves providing documentation of the damage, obtaining repair estimates, and cooperating with any investigations.
What should I do if I'm involved in a car accident?
If you're involved in a car accident, prioritize safety first by ensuring everyone involved is okay and seeking medical attention if necessary. Then, exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver(s), gather evidence such as photos and witness statements, and report the accident to your insurance company to begin the claims process.
Is flooding covered under standard homeowners insurance policies?

No, flooding is typically not covered under standard homeowners insurance policies. However, you can purchase separate flood insurance to protect your home and belongings in case of flood damage. It's important to understand your flood risk and consider purchasing flood insurance if you live in a flood-prone area.

Products and Services

What types of insurance products do you offer?
We offer a wide range of insurance products, including auto insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, umbrella insurance, life insurance, and specialty insurance such as flood insurance, motorcycle insurance, and boat insurance.
How can I customize my insurance policy to fit my specific needs?
We offer customizable insurance policies that allow you to tailor coverage limits, deductibles, and optional add-ons to fit your specific needs and budget. Our experienced agents can help you assess your risks and choose the right coverage options for your unique situation.
Do you offer any discounts on insurance premiums?
Yes, we offer various discounts on insurance premiums, including multi-policy discounts for bundling multiple insurance policies, safe driver discounts, home security discounts, and discounts for certain professional affiliations or memberships. Our agents can help you explore available discounts to maximize your savings.
What additional services do you provide to policyholders?
In addition to insurance coverage, we provide a range of additional services to policyholders, such as 24/7 claims assistance, online account management, insurance education and resources, and access to discounts and rewards programs. We strive to offer comprehensive support to our customers beyond just insurance coverage.